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On the surface, analyzing the financial health of your business seems fairly straightforward. If every month you are able to pay your bills, cover your expenses, pay yourself and your employees, and remain in the black, then you’re running a successful small business, right? Well, not quite. While these positive benchmarks will give you a solid foundation, we’ve curated a […]
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At tax time, we know you want us to process your records as swiftly and independently as possible—and we want that too! In preparation for next year’s filing frenzy, we’re sharing the 6 steps you can take to help your NJ CPA office be as helpful to you as possible. Keep Accurate Records Promptly Our memories tend to shift over […]
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Tax season has just begun, which means it’s time to consider the benefits of choosing Halter CPA as your personal tax ally. All tax preparers are not equal in terms of certification, expertise, training, and level of experience.  Unfortunately, when an individual’s tax preparer makes a mistake, it’s the taxpayer who quite literally pays the price. Here, then, are some […]
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