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The Secret Reasons Halter CPA Should be Doing Your Taxes

Tax season has just begun, which means it’s time to consider the benefits of choosing Halter CPA as your personal tax ally. All tax preparers are not equal in terms of certification, expertise, training, and level of experience. 

Unfortunately, when an individual’s tax preparer makes a mistake, it’s the taxpayer who quite literally pays the price. Here, then, are some of the most important reasons Halter CPA should be doing your taxes in 2021.

  1. Hiring a CPA does NOT guarantee the help of a tax preparation specialist.

Taxpayers often hire a CPA to assist them with their annual filing. However, many CPAs, even those who have filed tax returns on behalf of dozens of clients, may have no knowledge of tax relief, or understand the nuances of your specific tax situation. 

It’s crucial that the CPA you choose is worth their fee; otherwise, you may as well go it alone, or choose a chain to do the grunt work for you.

Speaking of: did you know that all that is required to claim to be a tax preparer is the completion of a 20-minute form? Once they’ve filled out this simple form, a “tax preparer” is given a preparer tax ID number, or PTIN, and has the authority to prepare taxes on behalf of anyone. 

  1. I have the training and experience to back up my claim to expertise.

I have dedicated myself to becoming a true tax expert. In addition to my membership in both the AICPA and NJSCPA professional organizations for accounting and taxation specialists, I am an adjunct professor of accounting at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. As part of my commitment to excellence for my students, my clients, and myself, I am dedicated to remaining at the top of my field. Additionally, I received my Masters Degree in Taxation from Widener University.

  1. I thoroughly research the full details of each year’s tax breaks and deductions.

Throughout the last several years, we have seen significant changes to the tax code governing individual citizens. Don’t be caught off-guard by the complexities of this year’s returns. Instead, allow me to carefully analyze your returns and ensure that you receive the maximum return possible. 

  1. I am fully transparent about how we process your tax return.

When large firms prepare an individual’s taxes, it’s likely that none of the named partners will even see your tax returns until it’s time for them to be signed and submitted. At this stage, the CPA will glance through the paperwork, ensuring that no major errors have been committed.

At Halter CPA, I work closely with my highly skilled tax preparation specialists, ensuring that every detail is accurate. 

  1. I will connect with you individually to discuss the details of your finances. 

Without knowing the complexities of your financial situation, property holdings, and investments, it would be difficult or impossible for me to guarantee you a maximally beneficial return on your taxes. That’s why I take the time to work closely with each of my clients – and why our office sends out a detailed Questionnaire every year – to make sure we have a thorough understanding of your finances, and are able to uncover beneficial line items that may otherwise be missed. Our goal at Halter CPA is to get you every tax benefit possible, while ensuring that your tax returns are 100% accurate.

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