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NJ Tax Prep: Are Your Taxes Filed?

It’s NJ Tax Prep Time!

We are less than a week from April 15—the deadline to submit your 2023 tax return.

Are you feeling the pressure of last-minute filing? Don’t stress. You still have time to file an accurate return on time. Joan W. Halter, CPA, has provided expert financial services and tax prep in South Jersey since 1991. We can help you manage Tax Day like a pro.

Here are some essential tips for last-minute filing:

1. File on Time

This is the most critical point on this list. You must file electronically or via mail by midnight on April 15, 2024. If you are filing electronically, your timestamp must show April 15. If you are filing by mail, your return must be postmarked by April 15. Failing to file your tax return on time can result in penalties and increased interest if you owe taxes this year.

If you do not or cannot file by April 15, you must file an extension. It is important to note that this extension is not extra time to pay for what you may owe. If you need help filing an extension, a tax pro like Halter, CPA can help.

2. Check for Simple Mistakes

While a tax preparer or tax prep software can typically flag big, glaring issues, minor typos or data entry errors are typically things only you would notice. Check the spelling of your name, social security number, bank routing number, and other small details. Even a tiny mistake can hold up the processing of your paperwork or even result in an audit.

3. File and Track

E-filing is typically the fastest way to file and will get you your return funds faster. If you are filing by mail, processing your return can take longer. Double-check to ensure you send your return to the correct address. However you apply, it is important to check to ensure the IRS has received your return and track the processing progress until it is completed.

If you are struggling through the final stretch of this tax season, Halter, CPA can help. Our team of tax pros can help you file accurately and on time.

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