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Tax Pro in South Jersey

The 2024 tax season is coming to a close. New Jersey and Federal income tax returns are due Monday, April 15th. Still need to file? Confused about how to file? Halter CPA, a reputable and experienced tax pro in South Jersey, is here to help! We understand the process of filing taxes can be confusing and intimidating—but it doesn’t have to be. With our extensive experience and expertise, we have worked with countless individuals, couples, and businesses to file their taxes.

Working with a professional CPA and tax prep firm like Halter CPA can help you manage more complex tax situations and avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes on your tax documents. Tax code changes yearly. The rules that applied last year may not meet current tax requirements. Our job is to stay on the cutting edge of changes to tax laws and guidelines. We can ensure that you are filing accurate returns to avoid mistakes that could lead to being audited by the IRS.

An experienced tax expert can also help you find legal ways to increase your return or decrease the taxes you owe. We can help you determine which exemptions apply to you and develop a strategic plan you can move forward with now and in the future to maximize your annual tax returns.

Working with trusted tax professionals alleviates some of the stress of tax season every year. Halter CPA offers the strategy, support, and knowledge you need to file taxes confidently this year and in the future. Joan W. Halter, CPA, is a seasoned tax pro with a proven record of successful tax preparation. Our team can help you get peace of mind this tax season and work with you to prepare for the next tax season.

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