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small business owners

On the surface, analyzing the financial health of your business seems fairly straightforward. If every month you are able to pay your bills, cover your expenses, pay yourself and your employees, and remain in the black, then you’re running a successful small business, right? Well, not quite. While these positive benchmarks will give you a solid foundation, we’ve curated a […]
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The Small Business Administration is now offering government-subsidized PPP loans as part of this year’s $284-billion aid package. This program is intended to assist small businesses that are at the highest risk of going under. While the last round of PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loans allowed the nation’s largest banks access to funds before community banks, this round ensures that […]
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The 2020 pandemic changed so much about our daily lives and especially our work lives. Because of COVID-19, when people did start to go back to work, things were very different. Coming into the office was no longer a daily requirement. Meeting with clients in person transformed into video calling. Working from home became the new normal. Many people even […]
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