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Halter CPA is More than an Accounting Firm: We are Your Go-To Tax Pro in South Jersey

Tax season is upon us. Filing your taxes can require a lot of time and effort. As individuals and businesses begin gathering their financial records and compiling documentation, many will realize they need help to complete this daunting task. The more complex your financial situation is, the more intimidating this task gets. If you are looking for a tax pro in South Jersey, Halter CPA can help!

Not all CPAs are tax preparers. Some CPAs lack the knowledge and experience to work confidently with state and federal tax codes. Many CPAs maintain a focus on bookkeeping and will, at times, file simple tax returns for individual clients. But the tax code is complex and ever-changing. Any number of personal or professional circumstances can complicate your tax situation. Without the detailed knowledge of a tax expert, you could be missing out on a bigger return or, worse—making mistakes that cost you money.

Halter CPA is a reputable and competent South Jersey tax prep firm. Our team has spent years honing our skills as tax prep experts. We have worked diligently to develop a reputation for knowing the ins and outs of filing taxes for business owners and individuals with many different financial situations.

Here are four big reasons you should work with Halter CPA this tax season:

1.   Avoid Costly Mistakes

Halter CPA has extensive experience in tax preparation. With years of experience in tax code, we know how to avoid big, costly mistakes. Our job is to stay informed about new rules and regulations to ensure you comply with the tax code and do not miss any tax credits or exemptions. You can rest assured that your tax return will be accurate and complete upon submission.

2.   Avoid Being Audited

Working with a CPA can significantly reduce your chances of being audited by the IRS. Halter CPA can view your tax returns with an auditor’s eye. From simple math errors to significant inconsistencies in your tax return, we can spot the issues that could put a flag on your filing. We can help you avoid the mistakes that would attract unwanted attention from the IRS*.

3.   More Money in Your Pocket

When you work with a tax expert, you stand a better chance of (legally) increasing your refund or decreasing the amount of taxes you owe. An experienced tax preparer knows the exemptions you qualify for and the recent changes in tax law that could save you money. With this knowledge, they can help you develop a specific tax strategy you can implement during tax season and beyond to ensure you get the most out of your annual returns.

4.   Peace of Mind

Every year, millions of taxpayers fail to file their tax returns. We understand how daunting the filing process can be. When you work with a respected tax professional, some of that stress is lifted. A CPA knowledgeable about tax code will provide the strategy and support you need to file with confidence.

Tax season doesn’t need to be a time of stress. Joan W. Halter, CPA is a seasoned tax pro, and the entire Halter CPA team works together to provide clients with peace of mind. Whether you need help with your individual or small business taxes, we have a proven record of tax preparation success in the Mullica Hill and South Jersey area.

*It is your responsibility to provide Halter CPA with the (accurate and complete) information necessary to prepare your tax returns. Although we do not audit or otherwise verify the information you submit, we may request clarification on some items. We ask that you respond to any such requests immediately.

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